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8 grandmother’s remedies to get rid of cold sore

8 grandmother's remedies to get rid of cold sore

The oral herpes isn’t welcome on our lips. Even if it’s safe for health, it remains unpleasant and unsightly. Fortunately, there are some natural tips to avoid it. Discover effective grandmother’s remedies to get rid of cold sore naturally.

Also known as the ” cold sore “, cold sores are a mild infectious disease. It is caused by a highly contagious virus which is spread by direct or indirect contact with an infected person. Lip herpes manifests as skin lesions in the form of bubbles, like small blisters, in the mouth. Before the appearance of these lesions, you may feel tingling, itching or a burning sensation on the affected area, as before the appearance of a pimple .

At these first signs, it is essential to act to prevent herpes from “coming out”. If solutions based on creams or patches are available in pharmacies, there are also natural remedies that are sometimes enough to stop its spread net. However, be sure to follow certain hygiene rules to prevent the virus from spreading: always wash your hands before applying a treatment, do not touch the cold sore, do not press it and do not remove dead skin .

Dry the cold sore with apple cider vinegar

The purpose of anti-herpes remedies is to dry out the pimple before it appears, while disinfecting the affected area. Apple cider vinegar helps to dry the skin and speed up healing. Apply a few drops several times a day with a cotton swab at the first sign of tingling.

In an emergency, apply toothpaste on your pimple

An emergency solution, but not very aesthetic, is to apply a little white paste toothpaste , if possible herbal, on the cold sore. Leave to act for a couple of minutes, then rinse with clear water. This remedy is also well known for fighting acne quickly . 

Use an ice cube to stop the herpes outbreak

To stop the herpes outbreak from happening, apply an ice cube  to the itchy mouth area. Be sure to wrap the ice cube in a tissue so as not to burn your skin. Hold for ten minutes and repeat the operation two to 3 times each day.

Use baking soda against cold sore

Are fabricating a paste by diluting one teaspoon of coffee baking soda food in warm water. Then apply this mixture twice a day directly to the cold sore. Wait 30 minutes then rinse.

Repel herpes attacks with salt water

If you have the opportunity to go swimming in the sea, take advantage! Otherwise, dilute a little salt in hot water , dip a cotton swab in it and gently apply the soaked tip on the buttons, several times a day.

Garlic clove, a natural antiseptic

Garlic is well known for its natural antiseptic properties . It allows to dry, while disinfecting the skin. Cut a clove of garlic in half and rub half of it over the area to be treated for a few seconds, two to three times a day.

Slow the progression of herpes with milk

Rich in lysine , a component that slows the progression of cold sore, milk is an excellent anti-herpes product. Rub a cotton pad soaked in milk on the area to be treated several times a day. The yogurt can also be used locally and consumed during the period of infection. 

Lemon juice to naturally stop infection

This natural antiseptic , rich in vitamin C, helps fight against the herpes. Apply a few drops to the pimple three times a day, and take the opportunity to also consume it in lukewarm water to strengthen your immune system.  

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