Arthritis: causes, symptoms and treatment

Arthritis causes, symptoms and treatment

Arthritis is an inflammatory joint disorder. We talk about monoarthritis when only one joint is affected while polyarthritis when several joints are affected. So, in this article we will talk about arthritis causes, symptoms and treatment.


The arthritis is an acute or chronic inflammatory disease affecting one or more joints.

Depending on its cause, this disease can be more or less disabling. In the most advanced cases, the affected joint is stiff and permanently deformed.

There are many forms of arthritis

Among them:

  • monoarthritis: when, the affection affects only one joint;
  • oligoarthritis: when, two to several joints are affected;
  • infectious arthritis: it is caused by an infectious agent (virus, bacteria) in the joint; 
  • microcrystalline arthritis: deposits of crystals are present in the joints;
  • ankylosing spondylitis: when, this inflammatory rheumatism affects the spine;
  • juvenile rheumatoid arthritis: it occurs before the age of 16;
  • rheumatoid arthritis: when, the inflammation spreads to the whole organism and deforms the joints of the feet, hands and wrists singularly.

Arthritis causes

The causes of this disease are diverse.

This joint disease can appear following:

  • a shock;
  • an infection;
  • certain viral diseases…

In the case of rheumatoid arthritis, we don’t know the cause exactly and we could say it is simply an autoimmune disease (when the cells attacks the joints its selves).

Arthritis symptoms

How do you diagnose this disease?

  • pain (especially at night);
  • stiffness;
  • a feeling of warmth;
  • an increase in volume;
  • a pink, red or purplish skin.

In addition to these manifestations, this disease can cause impairment of the general condition, difficult awakenings because it is necessary to wait a moment of rust removal for the joints to regain almost normal mobility.

While, joint deformities appear later.

A medical consultation is essential as soon as one of these signs appears.

Prevention councils

For the most part, it is advised to a person suffering from arthritis to practice a moderate but regular physical activity to space the crises and to attenuate the pain: it maintains the mobility of the joints.


According to the detailed clinical examination, additional examinations are ordered to confirm the diagnosis of this disease and identify its origin:

  • a biological blood test;
  • a radiological examination of the affected part;
  • a joint puncture: removal under local anesthesia of a tiny amount of synovial fluid (fluid lubricating the joint). This is subjected to biological tests to confirm the inflammatory nature of the disease, to look for the germ responsible for the infection or the presence of microcrystals.

Arthritis treatment

The Arthritis treatment depend on the cause.

The application of cold relieves in times of acute inflammation (swollen and sensitive joint). On the other hand, the heat (bath, hot water bottle, etc.) relaxes the tensed and sore adjacent muscles. It improves the irrigation of the joint.

In all cases, taking medications (pain relievers and anti-inflammatories) soothes and reduces the symptoms of inflammation, but does not cure it.

Certain arthritis requires specific treatment:

  • corticosteroids for non-infectious inflammatory arthritis;
  • antibiotics adjusted to the germ responsible for infectious arthritis;
  • non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs and colchicine for chondrocalcinosis and gout.

In severe arthritis, it may be necessary to take rest for a few days to overcome the inflammation. To relieve pain, maintain muscles and joint mobility, physiotherapy can be useful. Partial immobilization of the joint using an orthopedic device can also reduce pain.

In case, the joint is severely affected, surgery may be considered (prosthesis).

Regular medical monitoring is essential.


We can use homeopathy as an additional treatment for this disease after carrying out a medical check-up and appropriate management.

Generally, during a painful crisis, take every quarter of an hour until improvement:

  • in the event of a cold, red joint, pain worsened when touched, 1 granule of Colchicum 5 CH;
  • in the event of a hot, red joint, painful on contact: associate Belladona 5 CH, Bryonia 7 CH, 1 granule;
  • if the joint is painful without other signs: 1 granule of Ruta 7 CH;
  • in the event of a very swollen joint, pain increased by touch, 1 granule of Apis mellifica 7 CH.

A basic homeopathic treatment will probably be necessary.


To relieve certain symptoms of this disease, it is possible to take for example:

  • fresh plant extract for masterful preparation blackcurrant + meadowsweet;
  • turmeric and harpagophytum in mother tincture or in dry extract capsule.

Naturopathy can be effective in addition to suitable treatment:

  • apart from arthritis attacks, practicing physical activity;
  • respect an acid-base dietary balance. We must balance between acidifiers (meats: eggs, meat, ham, dairy products, cheeses, cooked fats, refined cereals …) and a large consumption of fruits and vegetables.