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How to cure my flu?

How to cure my flu

How to cure my flu : The seasonal flu returns every year between November and April. the cause is the influenza virus, it is very contagious. Update on treatments and natural solutions to better face it.

Chills, body aches, joint pain, sore throat, headache, a dry cough which becomes oily, a stuffy nose, runny eyes … Symptoms characteristic of the flu and which cause great fatigue.

Simple steps to avoid contamination

The ILI brings together many disorders that we literally put KO This disease also owes its name to the fact that it catches us, that it “grabs us”!

The highly contagious influenza virus (myxovirus), which is transmitted from one person to another by air via respiratory secretions, is responsible. Saliva droplets spread through the air after a sneeze or coughing fit.

  • The famous “Put your hand in front of your mouth” from our childhood limits contagion.
  • As is frequent hand washing with soap , as the virus can also be transmitted by direct contact.
  • Using single-use tissue is essential to limit person-to-person transmission . With the flu virus constantly changing, you can get infected several times in your life.

Flu: we must monitor its evolution

The evolution of the flu is generally favorable in healthy people who recover spontaneously after one to two weeks.

Treat fever and pain first

The first-line treatment aims above all to reduce the intensity of the symptoms: these are medicines for fever and pain.

Antiviral treatments can be prescribed preventively after exposure to the virus or curative at the start of the disease, but their use remains limited.

Rest and eat well

Even if the appetite is lacking, eating well is important to avoid deficiencies. We monitor in particular its intake of vitamin D , calcium, magnesium and iron. And above all, we rest so as not to weaken an organism already well damaged.

Watch out for possible complications from the flu

The flu can cause serious complications in older or more frail individuals. Acute bronchitis , bacterial sinusitis and pneumonia can then endanger the lives of seniors.

Significant or prolonged fevers should encourage consultation.

Homeopathic medicines against influenza

  • From the onset of the first clinical signs of the flu: Oscillococcinum®, a morning and evening dose, or Influenzinum 9 CH, 3 granules three times daily.
  • Associate it in case of fever: Aconitum 9 CH or Belladonna 9 CH, 3 granules, three to six times a day.
  • Add Eupatorium 5 CH in case of stiffness.

Essential oils, to inhale, apply or diffuse

  • Inhale an antiseptic mixture of essential oils of thyme and eucalyptus (20 drops in a bowl of hot water, once a day).
  • Apply the following preparation to the chest and upper back: mix in a neutral vegetable oil, like sweet almond or apricot kernel: Eucalyptus radiata, 2 drops + Ravensara aromatica, 2 drops + Noble laurel, 1 drop + Niaouli, 1 gout (six times a day, for two to three days).
  • To drive out microbes, spread essential oils of lavender, eucalyptus or rosemary in the rooms (ideal temperature: 18 to 20 ° C). Antiseptics, antibacterials and antivirals, they strengthen immunity and help to get through winter.

Choose good quality oils : reading the label will allow you to identify 100% pure essences of plant origin. Be particularly vigilant about lavender essential oil (real or aspic), because “adulterated” essences exist. A recipe for an infusion against sore throat: to pass the sore throat , gargle with an infusion of warm sage sage, with 5 ml of vinegar and a teaspoon of honey.

Sulfur, a trace element suitable for influenza-like illness

Antiseptic, detoxifying and antiallergic, it “cleans” the organism and strengthens the defense function of the respiratory mucosa.

Preventive and curative, it is found in the form of tablets, in nasal solution or in certain thermal waters.Beware of pollution!

And above all, we don’t forget to “treat” our environment too. Pollution worsens all ENT infections. Both outdoors and indoors (mainly due to tobacco or poor ventilation), it weakens the respiratory mucosa.

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