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Under article 6 of Law No. 2004-575 of June 21, 2004 on confidence in the digital economy, it is specified in this article the identity of the various stakeholders as part of its implementation and monitoring.

The site www.myhealthyproject.com is edited by: webchallenge
The www.myhealthyproject.com site is hosted by:
Phone number: +1-844-296-2059


The purpose of the www.myhealthyproject.com site is:
Publish articles on the fields of nutrition and well-being from a perspective as ethical as possible. Simply, it is inspired by a vital need that everyone world knows: to eat (physically and spiritually).


For any question or request for information concerning the site, or any report of illegal content or activities, the user can contact the publisher at the e-mail address following: contact@webchallenge.a


Access and use of the site are subject to acceptance and respect of these Terms of Service. The editor reserves the right to modify, at any time and without notice, the site and services as well as these T & Cs, in particular to adapt to changes to the site by making new features available or removing or modification of existing functionalities.
It is therefore advised to the user to refer to the last before any navigation version of the T & Cs, accessible at any time on the site. In case of disagreement with the T & Cs, no use of the site can be made by the user.


The editor implements the technical solutions at his disposal to allow access to the site 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. It may nevertheless at any time suspend, limit or interrupt access to the site or to certain pages thereof in order to proceed updates, changes to its content or any other action deemed necessary for the proper functioning of the site.

Connection and navigation on the site www.myhealthyproject.com are worth acceptance without reservation of these General Conditions of Use, whatever the technical means of access and the terminals used.
These Terms apply, as necessary, to any declination or extension of the site on existing or future social and / or community networks.


For the proper management of the site, the publisher may at any time:

  • Suspend, interrupt or limit access to all or part of the site, reserve access the site, or certain parts of the site, to a specific category of Internet user;
  • Delete any information that may disrupt its operation or that is entering in contravention of national or international laws, or with the rules of Netiquette;
  • Suspend the site in order to proceed with updates.



Access to certain services is subject to user registration.
Registration and access to site services are reserved exclusively for people capable physical persons, having completed and validated the registration form available online on the site www.myhealthyproject.com, as well as these General conditions of Use.

When registering, the user agrees to provide accurate, sincere information and up to date on his person and his civil status. The user must also carry out a regular verification of data concerning him in order to maintain its accuracy.

The user must therefore imperatively provide a valid e-mail address, on which the site will send him a confirmation of his registration for his services. An address of email can not be used multiple times to register for services.

Any communication carried out by www.myhealthyproject.com and its partners is in consequence deemed to have been received and read by the user. The latter undertakes therefore to regularly consult the messages received on this e-mail address and to respond within a reasonable time if necessary.

Only one registration for site services is allowed per natural person.

The user is assigned an identifier allowing him to access a space whose access is reserved for him (hereafter “Personal Space”), in addition to entering his password.
The username and password can be changed online by the user in his Space staff. The password is personal and confidential, the user thus undertakes not to not communicate it to third parties.

www.myhealthyproject.com reserves in any event the possibility of refusing a request to register for services in case of non-compliance by the user with provisions of these General Conditions of Use.


The regularly registered user may at any time request unsubscription by by going to the dedicated page in his Personal Space. Any unsubscription from the site will be effective after the user has completed the form provided for this purpose, in the next deadline: 3 days.


The user is informed that the publisher reserves the right to delete the personal space of any User who contravenes these conditions of use, and more particularly in the following cases:

  • If the user makes illegal use of the site;
  • If the user, when creating his personal space, transmits
  • voluntarily wrong information to the site;
  • If the user has not been active on his personal space for at least one year.

In the event that the publisher decides to delete the personal space of the user for one of these reasons, it cannot constitute damage for the user whose account has been deleted.

This deletion cannot constitute a waiver of legal proceedings that the publisher could undertake with regard to the user having violated these rules.


The publisher is only responsible for the content that he himself has edited.

  • The publisher is not responsible for:
    In the event of technical or IT problems or failures compatibility of the site with any hardware or software;
  • Direct or indirect, material or immaterial, foreseeable or unpredictable resulting from the use or difficulties of using the site or its services;
  • Intrinsic characteristics of the Internet, especially those relating to lack of reliability and lack of security of the information circulating there;
  • Illegal content or activities using its site without his having duly become aware of it within the meaning of Law No. 2004-575 of June 21, 2004 for confidence in the digital economy and Law No. 2004-801 of August 6, 2004 relating to the protection of individuals with regard to the processing of personal data.

Furthermore, the site cannot guarantee the accuracy, completeness, and topicality of
information disseminated there.

The user is responsible for:

  • Protection of its equipment and data;
  • The use he makes of the site or its services;
  • If he respects neither the letter nor the spirit of these T & Cs.


The site may contain hypertext links pointing to other websites on which www.myhealthyproject.com does not exercise control. Despite the checks prior and regular work carried out by the publisher, the latter declines all responsibility for
the content that can be found on these sites.

The publisher authorizes the establishment of hypertext links to any page or document of its site provided that the establishment of these links is not carried out for purposes commercial or advertising.

In addition, the prior information of the site editor is necessary before any implementation hyperlink place.

Are excluded from this authorization sites disseminating information of an illegal nature, violent, controversial, pornographic, xenophobic or likely to harm the sensitivity of the greatest number.

Finally, www.myhealthyproject.com reserves the right to have deleted at any time a hypertext link pointing to its site, if the site considers it not in accordance with its policy editorial.


In addition to these General Conditions, the site has a policy of privacy which describes how personal data is processed when the user visits the site, as well as the way in which cookies are used.
By browsing the site, the user declares to have also read the aforementioned privacy policy.


The structure of the site but also the texts, graphics, images, photographs, sounds, videos and computer applications that compose it are the property of the editor and are protected as such by the laws in force under intellectual property.

Any representation, reproduction, adaptation or partial or total exploitation of content, trademarks and services offered by the site, by whatever process either, without the express prior written permission of the publisher, is strictly prohibited and would be likely to constitute an infringement within the meaning of articles L. 335-2 et seq. of the Intellectual Property Code. And this, with the exception of the elements expressly designated as free of rights on the site.

Access to the site does not constitute recognition of a right and, in general, does not confer no intellectual property rights relating to an element of the site, which remain the exclusive property of the publisher.

It is prohibited for the user to enter data on the site which would modify or which would be likely to modify the content or appearance.

The site www.myhealthyproject.com wishes you an excellent navigation!