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All you need to know about the keto Diet

What is the keto diet

Losing weight by eating fat: if this may seem paradoxical, even eccentric, the reality is quite different. Yes, the so-called “ketogenic” diet or keta diet (sometimes called low carb) works.

What is the ketogenic method?

The ketogenic diet or ketodiet consists of reducing sugars as much as possible or even eliminating sugars (hence the term low carb , which means low in carbohydrates), in favor of fats. The proportion of which is greatly increased since they are good energy suppliers. The body, to find its energy, then manufactures what we call it ketone bodies, which are beneficial in particular to the brain – much more than sugars -, hence the name of this type of diet.

the ketogenic diet

Does it really allow you to lose weight?

Yes ! On the one hand because the body, deprived of its usual sugars, will go to draw on the reserves of body fat , and on the other hand because one of the advantages of fat, unlike sugars, is to be very satisfying , which avoids cravings and therefore crackles and even seems to reduce appetite. Several studies have been carried out on overweight or obese people, and the results are positive, with a loss of 7 kg in 4 weeks then 5 kg 8 weeks later.. Researchers studying the diet over a longer term with obese have noted a reduction of 5 points of BMI in people who had followed the diet for a year. A meta-analysis (study that consolidates and analyzes all publications on a subject) concluded that the ketogenic diet was more effective in losing weight than low-fat diets.

Isn’t the ketogenic diet bad for your health?

This tedious diet can have both positive and negative health impacts. Among the strengths, we note that ketones reduce inflammation, slow cerebral excitability and seem to exert pain-relieving effects. The ketogenic diet has been successfully tested against epilepsy (epilepsy, making it possible to reduce the frequency and intensity of seizures), it is tested against certain cancers.(because it deprives the tumor of the sugars which nourish it) and against neurodegenerative diseases like Alzheimer and Parkinson (it seems beneficial for the brain), and it would undoubtedly be useful for diabetics. However it can cause digestive discomfort and great fatigue. It also tends to block the arteries (due to an excessive consumption of proteins and therefore of fat, note). It must follow it with caution and with full knowledge of the causes.

ketogenic diet for weight loss

How is it actually done ?

Goodbye pasta, desserts and sodas: you should no longer consume sugars, cereals or flours, or legumes and potatoes!

we choose rather fatty meats , fatty fish (tuna, salmon, mackerel, sardines) and eggs. We eat green vegetables(radish, asparagus, zucchini, salad, cabbage, eggplant, tomato etc.)

As well as vegetable oils to cook or season: rapeseed, coconut, walnut and hazelnut oil, duck fat, 30% organic

Fresh cream , coconut milk, cheeses and dairy products (fatty and not light), oilseeds (nuts, almonds …) and olives. A few sweet fruits: avocado, coconut, berries and red fruits, grapefruit, guava, kiwi.

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